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The RACI Matrix

The RACI Matrix is a responsibility assignment chart that stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. It is a tool used for identifying roles and responsibilities in project management and organisational processes. The matrix helps in clarifying and defining roles for team members in various project tasks, ensuring that everyone knows what they're expected to do, who they need to communicate with, and who will make the final decisions. By using a RACI Matrix, organisations aim to eliminate ambiguity and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project or process execution.

Origin of the RACI Matrix

The RACI Matrix, which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed, is a management tool used to clarify roles and responsibilities in project management and organisational processes. It is not credited to a single individual or organisation for its creation. The concept has evolved over time and has roots in general management theories. The RACI framework is often considered a best practice in project management, although its origin is somewhat diffuse and not attributed to a single creator. It has been widely adopted in various industries and settings to help in effective decision-making and resource allocation.
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Trevor O'Sullivan

Trevor O'Sullivan

General Manager. Since the early 2000s, Trevor has worked with thousands of Talent Management professionals to develop and apply assessment-based talent management solutions for selecting, developing and managing people. Trevor is an active member of the TTI Success Insights (TTISI) Global Advisory Council, contributes to TTISI product development and is a regular presenter at TTISI-R3. He is honoured to have received multiple Blue Diamond Awards and, more recently, the Bill Brooks Impact Award recognising his contributions to the TTISI global network.

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