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Posts about Business Models ("Nutshell" Series) (3)

A Simple Model of Employee Engagement | Employee Engagement

A Simple Model of Employee Engagement

Back in 2013, we developed a model to help explain what engagement looks like and, in particular, how it differs from the...

In a Nutshell: Wheel of Emotions | Emotional Intelligence

In a Nutshell: Wheel of Emotions

Robert Plutchik (1927 – 2006) was an American psychologist and professor who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and...

In a Nutshell: 6 Attitudes | Psychology

In a Nutshell: 6 Attitudes

Eduard Spranger identifies six basic “attitudes,” “types,” or “values” that are thought to be applicable across human time...

In a Nutshell: Theory X & Theory Y | Psychology

In a Nutshell: Theory X & Theory Y

Theory X and Theory Y are basic (and opposing) attitudes of management held towards employees. They are general assumptions,...

Praise & Criticism: Johari Window | Profiling & Assessment Tools

Praise & Criticism: Johari Window

The term "Johari Window" is derived from the first names of its creators: Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. The model was first...

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